Tolima, Nasawes'x indigenous

Tolima Department is located in the southwest region of the Colombian Andes Mountain range.

This is a group of Indigenous Nasawes'x (native name) that is part of a rural area in Gaitania, small distric that belongs to Planadas Tolima. Coffee growers from Planadas have focused on organic coffee production for years and it is the main source of income for families.

Photo credit: Andres Enciso, Gaitania Tolima Colombia

The Nasawez’x Indigenous is one of 102 different indigenous group in Colombia. This community has emigrated from traditional agriculture to organic coffee plantations as an alternative for social and economic development.

There are about 2500 indigenous that belong to this community and they still conserve their native dialect and cultural traditions.

This community is located near the National Park Nevado del Huila. The coffee plantations are grown on small parcels because this area is protected by the government to help conserve native flora & fauna by keeping agriculture only in designated areas.

Gaitania Tolima Colombia Nevado del Huila

Photo credit: Andres Enciso, Gaitania Tolima Colombia

The Process

Handpicked, cherries are hand sorted, then depulped, fermented for 24 hours, washed and solar dried in traditional African beds.

Once the coffee is dry it is delivery to the community facility where continue the industrial process and finally is tasted by professional coffee cupper.

Cupping notes: According to the SCA (specialty coffee asociation) coffees scored greater than 80 points are consider specialties. It is also a term for the highest grade of coffee available across the entire supply chain.

Each batch is tightly evaluated by professional coffee cuppers looking for the balance beetween sweetness, acidity, body, and pronounced fragrances & aromas.

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