Nerdy about Coffee

A life experience drove me back to the magical world of coffee. I was born in a region rich with magical nature, I grew up in the middle of volcanic mountains, rivers, waking up daily to brisk mornings and colorful skies. The main resource to provide was a red bean, my family planted, picked, dried and sold during the harvest season in the closest town (Gaitania Tolima).

As I was growing up being the older to my two brothers I started to help to my grandma and mom with the house chores. Early every morning I would help with getting the arepa dough ready for breakfast. This was my responsibility before I went to school for a couple years until I started middle school. During vacation time I helped with bringing the lunch to the coffee pickers in the coffee field, since they need to save time in order maximize picking of the red cherry.

My mom says that since I was a little girl I was very interested in books, coloring, reading and dancing. She mentions that I used to say that I will go to the university and become a professional. Well, as soon as I turned 11 years old, I left the farm and went to start middle school in Planadas, Tolima. I was living with my aunt, one of the younger sisters of my mother. This was my first time away from home.

 Now as I am writing this seem, the time has passed in the blink of an eye. After you start to grow and became an adult you realize life is hard, and sometimes the simple things count more than a million dollars, and that we are in this world with a purpose, it may be hard to find it. Some people look deep for it and find it, others never even try.

I have always thanked having everything clear and planned in my life, what I wanted to be and what I wanted to become, but life has drove in a different path. It has made realize that you are not a successful person for the degrees you own or if you work for an important company, instead for what you do in order to have a positive impact in this world.

Following that instinct, I have decided to get back where I am coming from by supporting the small coffee farmers with the dream of having the opportunity to sell their coffee harvest to an international consumer.

M I T A C A B E A N represent for me my Dad, my grandfather and all the small coffee growers from Colombia that always have dreamed with selling their coffee to all the world.

M I T A C A B E A N also has the mission to spread the Colombian coffee culture with anyone insterested in learn about the secret of why Colombian produce the best coffee of the world.