About us

M I T A C A B E A N was born with the goal to bridge Colombian small coffee farmers with coffee lovers nationwide.

As a Colombian woman raised in the coffee fields; the volcanic mountains with aroma of coffee of Planadas Tolima, and after having the opportunity to travel around the world & identify the sheer number of people who love coffee from my country, I have come to realize that the coffee industry is in need of a reform to the way we bridge the gap between daily coffee lovers and small Colombian coffee farmers.

Many coffee brokers fail to pay what some believe the producer should receive for their harvest. The majority of Colombian small farmers sell their coffee production to private coffee brokers. They will later sell that coffee to the main coffee import companies overseas.

Our main goal is to provide to the coffee lovers fresh harvest, fresh roast, and guarantee the best specialty coffee from Colombia is sent directly to your door step. Each bag indicating direct connection with the farmers, and of traceability on the coffee you enjoy every morning.

Jacob my husband, fell in love with Colombian coffee and the culture after visiting many times. Jacob and I are the number one fans of Colombian coffee, and we are very proud to share everything we can about the Colombian specialty coffee culture with you.

I also want to thank to family and friends for the support and encouragement.

Thanks for reading!

Jacob and Viviana. National Arqueological park in San Augustin Huila Colombia