Grupo los Gigantes Acevedo Huila

Photo by Jesus Alvarez, Neiva activa
Grupo los Gigantes, Acevedo Huila Colombia.
Huila department is the number one in specialty coffee production, its located close to the equator and coffee plantations grows at high altitude (1200 to 1800 masl). Huila is a single origin coffee, its cup profile is fruity withcaramel notes, sweet acidity and intense aroma. This is all thanks to the volcanic soil of Nevado del Huila and the perfect amount of rain
Department of Huila was one of the first to begin growing varietal Arabica pink bourbon. This varietal is very fruity with a bright acidity, and has became one of the favorites for many coffee lovers. Grupo Los Gigantes is an association of coffee producers in Azevedo, Huila an area famous for producing the pink bourbon varietal.