Jhoner Acosta, Palestina Huila

Johner Acosta and his Family produces pink bourbon at La Guadua farm. One hectare of the farm is reserved purely for pink bourbon

This harvest is bright and refreshing with a particular marshmallow sweetness, ripe red berries, sweet baking spice, tropical fruits, and brisk eucalyptus.

Palestina is located just beyond the southern end of Huila’s central valley, in a rugged and densely tropical landscape. The region is part of a gateway to a national park called “Cuevas de los Guacharos” (cueva being the word for “cave” and the Guacharo being a large, fruit-eating bird). 

Ripe cherries arepicked by hand, washed clean and sorted for imperfections, and then fermented in tanks for 48 hours. The Southern Huila region is very well known for producing pink bourbon varietal. This varietal is only produced in microlotes which allow tight harvest process control in order to produce a high quality coffee cup.