Finca Santa Maria from Aratoca, Santander

Supporting women leadership in the coffee industry.

This coffee was planted, hand picked, and processed by a group of 32 women that work together with Mildred Munoz at one of the Hacienda Cefetera La Pradera farms in Aratoca, Santander.

Women play a special role in the industry not only with the love and dedication they put into their projects, but also their strict control on the quality process. This control has been the key in providing special coffees with very exotic flavors.

Many years ago, women in the industry were dedicated to preparing foods for the workers, planting herbs, and taking care of the family. The decisions and work fell on the shoulders of their spouses.

We are very proud to support Mildred coffee farm and we hope you enjoy your morning coffee with this unique specialty coffee.

Photo credit: Hacienda cafetera La pradera

About the region:

Santander is a department located in the North Eastern area of Colombia. This region is well known for coffee plantations being environment friendly and beans grown in the shade. They are the #7 coffee producer in country. They are also very famous for being home to the National park, Chicamocha Canyon

A magnificent canyon surrounded by dry forest in the Eastern Andes mountain range. This canyon formed ~46 million years ago and ranks second largest in the world. The river on the bottom lies 660 meters above sea level, with canyon walls up to 2000 meters tall. It is very rich in Flora & Fauna, attracting tourists and nature lovers alike.


Photo credit: @doblejota_esece