ASOPEP Asociacion de Productores Ecologicos de Planadas Tolima

Planadas Tolima is located in the southwest region of the Colombian Andes Mountain range. The range contains rich volcanic soils and rivers. People from Planadas have focused on organic coffee production for years.
By introducing friendly environmental processes focused on sustainability  and social development, city councilmembers and local resident programs have continued to increase the quality of their coffee. This organization has 168 coffee growers that work together to produce the highest quality coffee of the world and has became the third highest coffee producer in Colombia.
People from Planadas are coffee lovers by nature, since the coffee production has been the main income for the locals for more than 50 years, the coffee production is a tradition that involves the whole family, requiring passion, discipline and hope.
After the revolutionary group (FARC) stop operations in their territory, a coffee boom has arose. Now this region is visited by foreign coffee hunters as well as nature lovers from around the world. This region not only produces the highest quality coffee but also has such a natural wealth of fauna & flora. You can find different birds, wild animals, butterfly species in this beautiful area and majestic Volcanic mountain "Nevado del Huila".
When you try coffee from Planadas Tolima you taste the unique flavors and aromas that make it different from others coffee regions in Colombia, you taste passion, hope and happiness because there is nothing like the value of hard work from people that give everything to what they love. They are happy and very proud of their coffee.
You should visit this region, I swear you will love it.

Photo credits: ASOPEP