Asociacion de Agricultores organicos AGROSEC Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Magdalena


Over the majestic mountains that rise in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, between the large Magdalena swamp and the Caribbean Sea, resides a group of families dedicated to growing coffee. In agroecological systems, they are committed to the conservation and preservation of the biodiversity of this beautiful Colombian region.

AGROSEC, as they are named, focuses on organic coffee production and the conservation of the habitat with a goal to supply high quality coffee for consumers worldwide. They create alternatives for better incomes for the community and continue to invest in process to maintain the quality of the cup.

Magdalena region is located in the north of Colombia. Coffee here grows at lower altitudes and higher temperatures so crops are more exposed to solar radiation. As a result, growers tend to use more shade. The coffee cup profile from this region tends to be less acidic, with a full body and chocolate notes.

We hope you enjoy the organic Sierra Nevada coffee, we have limited units available. Try it and share your review in our website. There is always a coffee friend looking for good coffee recommendations!