Did you know that there are more than 516 species, birds, animals and plants found in Colombia coffee plantantions


Colombia possesses one of the world’s most diverse bird population. The majority of this wealth is found in tropical areas where the coffee plantations grow. One study by Cenicafe (Cenicafe) shows that there are more than 516 species of birds, animals, and plants that lives in the coffee fields.

The study focuses on the identification of the bird taxonomy and localization by coffee regions in Colombia. One of the main reasons is to discover what types of species live in the coffee regions, help to protect them, and educate coffee growers on the use of friendly agricultural techniques to respect & protect their habit.

Cenicafe’s study shows that 25% of the species found in coffee regions belong to birds, although this is thanks to the fact that coffee plantations areas are full of bushes, frutal trees, rivers, and valleys.  

It also shows that many of coffee grower do not understand the value of this biodiversidad in their regions which is why it is very important to educate coffee growers in the conservation of flora & fauna around them.

In Colombia, unfortunately, the government doesn’t do much in order to protect the wealth of flora & fauna, which is why new independent organization have been created by nature lovers and biologist to promote the conservation of this natural wealth.

Check this beauty!

Bothriechis  schlegelii, local name is La bocaraca. is found in coffee fields in Huila Colombia.

Photos credit: Wild Second, Neiva Huila Colombia